The Little Flames

The Little Flames


I could write pages about the scene without giving a true idea of it. The chargings to and fro in the narrow passages, the collisions, the yells, the struggling… the heat, the darkness, the furious festering quarrels which there was no time to fight out – they pass description. Anyone coming into the basement for the first time would have thought himself in a den of maniacs. It was only later, when I understood, that I saw order in all this chaos.”

The story of The Little Flames starts one night in December when two 22-year olds in search of something were introduced to three 17-year olds in search of nothing, by the legendary dub and punk DJ Babylon Fox.

Says one Little Flame, ‘We ended up back at this dingy basement flat on the park, and just stayed up all night wired and trying to keep warm, playing as fast as we could. We had this 70s Casio keyboard with a drum machine, and some horrible, cheap rusty-stringed guitars. The flat above was abandoned, so we cranked everything up well loud …it was kicking off! The drum machine was broken and would only play fast, so we just stopped up all night – pure noise and speed – and wrote a few songs.

‘When we woke up we couldn’t remember any of the tunes at all. All we had was a dictaphone recording with Joe and Miles screaming and ad-libbing on, and the very last bit of one of the tunes. Eva had pages of lyrics scribbled down, and Greg had completely dismantled the drum machine to make an ashtray. We’d only been together about 18 hours. Proper chaos. After listening back to the end of the tape, we put together an early version of Goodbye Little Rose. It’s the first proper Little Flames tune, so we were all really up for it being our first record…’

Eva Petersen- Vocals

Greg Mighall- Drums

Joe Edwards- Bass

Miles Kane- Guitar

Mat Gregory- Guitar