Hidden Charms

Hidden Charms

14681671_1094082407341830_7092536783800227813_nHidden Charms are a four piece based in south London who deliver propulsive, urgent rock n’ roll both on record and in their fierce live performances. Despite going down a pathway as well trodden as guitar-based Rock n’ Roll they have carved out something totally unique, the secret of which lies in their powerful bond as musicians, their youthful energy, and their tireless search for new ways to create the music they love. A set of Hidden Charms tracks can zigzag from the sinister, as prowling guitar riffs snarl alongside thundering tribal drums, to the uplifting: as gritty dual vocals reach their soulful peak with melodies you’ll be humming down the shops and singing in the shower.

“It is a whiskey- and cigarette-soaked track oozing with brooding sexuality that is an unequivocal sign of greater things to come for this London quartet.” – Indie Shuffle

“As long as young bands are making music like this, rock will be just fine.”
-Pigeons and Planes

“The grinding riffs recall The Rolling Stones at their preening best, but the filtered effects are more in line with the skewed experimentalism of Robert Fripp.”
– The Clash Magazine