God On My Right to release their debut EP “Swallow” 8th December 2017


God On My Rights’ EP  “Swallow” will be released 8th December

Here’s what you need to know about the boys:

God On My Right is a new project with old roots. It’s a project that hinges on two people, two uniquely
talented yet wholly different Liverpudlian characters. How do they know one another? Well, they’re
“We’d wanted to do something like this for some time,” explains Sean Hollywood, “and then last year
we really just got the chance to work together.”
“It was quite a new experience in that way,” adds Michael Hollywood. “We’d both done music
individually, but it only seems to make sense when we get together in that room.”
The band is fuelled by the innate chemistry that can only come from siblings; they know one another
inside out, their hopes, fears, and ambitions. Industrial meets pop, electronic meets the cinematic, God
On My Right is a project that constructs its own paths, reaches out towards its own destination.
“To be honest, we’re in our own world,” says Sean. “We’ve never truly felt at home within any scene.
That’s not to say we don’t respect it – it’s got a great music scene – but we don’t always fit into the
Liverpool scene that much. People are really open to everything, though, in my experience around
here. People are willing to give you a chance.”
Degraded electronic pop meets art theory, God On My Right boil every single note down to the finest
detail. “We’re always talking about this idea of authenticity, and what it means to us,” reflects Michael.
His brother adds: “We think about art theory and meanings and expression when we’re doing
anything, to be honest. It’s definitely something we’ll attach on to everything that we do. We really
think about it.”
Debut EP ‘Swallow’ is incoming, a potent four track introduction to their subterranean lair. It’s
reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, fusing the brothers’ teenage love of metal with a deep, lasting interest
in the cinematic properties electronic music can offer. Put simply: it fuses the blistering noise of
electro-punk with the occasional pop flourish.
“Pop music isn’t something that we particularly sneer at,” says Michael. “We respect that world. I think
the ideas we have that feel poppy become more boring more quickly, so we steer away from that
“It’s not being snobbish,” Sean insists. “It’s incredibly difficult to write a catchy song. But on the other
side there’s a depth in our music that you have to work quite hard to get.”
Live, the project takes on a fresh life. Visually engaging yet detached, almost remote onstage, God On
My Right allow themselves to become fully immersed in the performance. “We’re really aesthetically
driven – image is part of it with everything that we do,” says Michael.
“We don’t like to interact, really, with the audience,” Sean explains. “It’s quite a cinematic thing that
you’re doing anyway. You’re immersed in what you do.”
His brother interjects: “It’s more like a persona. It becomes an identity. Almost like a character. It’s
theatrical. When you see the show live it’s not just a band, it’s more of an experience.”
An all-encompassing aesthetic statement, God On My Right take care of every detail – even down to
that name. “It’s this idea of God and the right to rule,” Sean says. “The justification that people give to
their lives.”
Justification; independence; expression. God On My Right are ready to seize a higher ground.