The Little Flames were an indie rock band from Hoylake, England. Discovered by Alan Wills The band consisted of Eva Petersen (Vocals), Greg Mighall (Drums), Joe Edwards (Bass), Miles Kane (Guitar) and Mat Gregory (Guitar). Alan Wills introduced Matt and Eva to Joe Greg and Miles and the band was formed.

Their music can best be described as indie rock with some 1960s inspiration, slightly similar to The Coral. Fans of the band include Arctic Monkeys, who could be seen wearing Little Flames T-shirts at concerts at the Astoria in London. Miles Kane went on to join Alex Turner to form The Shadow Puppets. They played shows with bands such as the Arctic Monkeys, The Coral, The Dead 60s and The Zutons. The band’s song ‘Put Your Dukes Up John’ was covered by the Arctic Monkeys for the B-side of their single, ‘Leave Before the Lights Come On.

Their debut album was not released while the band were together, however, Deltasonic released it in 2016 to critical acclaim.