Signed to Liverpool record label Deltasonic, The Suzukis hammer out their tunes knowing the simple songs are always the best. At a time where our public sector workers are out on strike, these songs aimed and still do, to be the soundtrack for the next generation of bored youth growing up in forgotten towns; this is the sound of council estate Britain.

Chris Veasey spits his vocals out with the kind of attitude that Liam Gallagher had in spades. However he has also got his own manner, a brusque northern hands in pockets, staring into the void stance. Alongside him, Robert Warnes is a great bassist. He’s the spine of the band. The bass really hammers it out, driving the songs along with a deep, almost dub sound, but driving like the Pistols, locking with Stuart Robinson’s primeval drums.

Adam Bamford’s guitar hammers out three chord riffs that stick in your mind but also crank up the adrenaline pile driving the songs. There’s such a great power in brutal simplicity. Their debut album “The Suzukis” was released in 2011. The guitar is ruthless, yet sneaks off into psychedelic dub soundscapes. The sort of psychedelic finery – the classic north west psychedelia – the mystic scaly kind of stuff perfected by the Stone Roses and loved by generations of bands since then. They have that indefinable weirdness and strange twist that seems to bubble out
from the least likely of bands.