Liverpool’s latest, maverick genius steps out of his laboratory with a new band, serving lush, electro-tinged, summertime pop and reveals a penchant for home-engineering in a mesmerising video:

If ‘easy listening’ conjures up memories of suave, crooning sophisticates sat at a piano, then let Liverpool 3-piece TV ME redefine the genre,

‘Space Geno’ is a pop comic strip that plays with rich synth sounds and catchy melodies, echoing early Hot Chip and the pop craftsmanship of the Scissor Sisters. With Bill Ryder-Jones providing additional production and mix assistance the homemade charm is enhanced, exceling TV ME’s sound. The music video reflects a DIY ethic, all being filmed on an iPhone. The theme of childhood contraptions which began with the ‘Peppercorn Boy’ lyrics video is continued with the main contraption being made from old Marble Run. Other elements such as psychedelic paint bubbles and eyes playing pianos are added to create a charming exciting music video that reflects the high energy of ‘Space Geno’. The complimenting B-side ‘Melodica’ provides a different mood using a mix of acoustic and digital sounds, sticking to the homemade aesthetic of TV ME.
TV ME are a three-piece project lead by Thomas McConnell with Tracks inspired by childhood, Playstations, memories of old computers and regurgitated pop culture. Their intriguing future-pop is inventive, catchy and importantly, audible. Through 2016 Thomas was known as Tom Low. He released “Phone” on Deltasonic- a 5 track EP which was entirely recorded on his iPhone. This was follows by a tour supporting Mercury-nominee, C Duncan throughout the UK. However, during the final months of the year he disappeared into recording a new project, composing everything from eccentric pop, musical suited to imaginary soundtracks. After drawing up diagrams for a new machine to release his music and tuning in with Adam Dixon and Frankie Tibbles, TV ME are now transmitting.

TV ME is completed by Frankie Tibbles and Adam Dixon joining McConnell on the journey from studio to the stage. They are said to spend their time offstage together ‘painting cassettes, listening to music that helps plants grow and kidnapping percussionists’. As if the mechanics of music wasn’t enough to master, McConnell also demonstrates an impressive aptitude for engineering, taking retro-toys, records, CDs and cassettes to create a rhythmical robot to ‘dance’ in the single’s hypnotic video, an intentional comment on the demise and rise of the physical music format. 

TV ME is Thomas McConnell, Frankie Tibbles and Adam Dixon

Forthcoming TV ME live dates:
30th November Liverpool The Magnet w White Room
13th December London new cross inn tbc
14th December Manchester
16th December Doncaster
2nd January Liverpool studio 2 Parr st

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