The end of 2017 saw White Room release their most genuine and polished work to date, “Eight”, an 8-track double EP released on Deltasonic Records; a conceptual creation that interlocks thematically through its lyrics, and is inspired partly by the number 8 itself. The number of infinity, it signifies positivity in the universe, joy, strength, balance and power in unity. Given the current social and political climate of the world and the uncertainty we all live with, whoever you are, wherever you are, everybody needs a way to break away from it all, even if only momentarily. These are songs of invitation to escape, speaking of other places, to whatever or wherever your personal utopia may be.

Renowned for their enigmatic and exciting live performances, 2017 saw White Room you with Paul Weller (who incidentally said of White Room “they just get better and better, and Twisted Celebration is one of the best things they’ve done so far”). White Room also played numerous festivals and finished the year with a UK tour where they performed “Eight” in its entirety to sold-out crowds.